There’s got to be a biking photo somewhere…

Sarah Fox. Learning to ride.
July 2009, in a smaller-than-small town, I met a man. He wooed me with whitewater kayaking, backcountry skiing, ice-climbing, rock-climbing, kiteboarding, packrafting, and mountain biking. A smorgasbord of outdoor fun for this certified gym rat.
From all that, came 2 great loves – the man…and mountain biking.

Now I live in the Columbia River Gorge – where people tell you their sport, not their job, when you ask “what do you do?” Our epic outdoors draws worldclass athletes and professional recreationalists – I am neither.

I’ve got work I enjoy, 2 radical kids, a manly-nerd of a husband, and I love learning to ride.

I’m certainly not the fastest on the trail and sometimes I feel like the slowest. I think it’d be fun to hit a gap jump someday, but am happy with the occasional kicker. I now know what skinnies are, but that doesn’t mean I always ride them. And, there is at least one local trail that I’ve committed to marrying if my current situation doesn’t work out. Most importantly, I just think being on a bike, in the middle of nature, with good friends, is real nice.

I’ve got a lot to learn about mountain biking. This is where I’ll share about that, and some other stuff, too.

Learning to Ride’s AMAZING Guest Contributors!

Tracy Bech. Long time Gorge resident, and Seattle native. A dirt bag turned serial entrepreneur, she is currently a business consultant and mother of two. When not scheming up new business ventures or mid-negotiation with her son, daughter or husband, she gravitates toward water or dirt for fun. Boats, boards and bikes crowd the cars out of the garage and keep her oriented toward the rivers, lakes, oceans and trails and snow and her favorite barre class keeps things sane when there is only an hour to spare.