And a Guitar

I was getting a little early morning work done when lo and behold I see a guy climb out of car across the street. He has a fat-tire bike and a variety of black gear bags. After the car pulls away I watch as he carefully places each bag in its appropriate spot – on his bike. Clearly, he’d done this before. Not long thereafter we are in conversation. Turns out he has been riding for months. Carrying all he needs on his 2-wheeled steed. Ryan’s his name, bikepacking is his game (although it’s really a means to another end as you’ll see). Quick to make honest conversation, curious to boot, he needed a ride to Portland and so Tate I loaded up his gear and we headed into the city – hearing and sharing stories along the way. Nice to meet ya Ryan – safe and fantastic travels to you!

(An a loving, long distance bit of love to Old Man Graka. May you heal fast and get back to bikepacking soon yourself!)

One thought on “And a Guitar

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