Wallow in it!


This is Ashley. I think she was really hungry that day.

Well I’ll be darned. What a patch of fortuitousness. Yesterday I met a mister Ryan Carruth. A seemingly kindred soul of curiosity and vulnerability – with a willingness to go long distances on 2-wheels (if that sounds good ladies…he’s single and open to finding an adventure partner, if you know what I mean…)

Now, today, I got to read a most beautifully-written and thoughtful article by Ryan’s badass sister, Ashley. I am crushed out on her writing, her sense of adventure, and her appreciation for dirt. But more than that, it’s her reflection on our wild landscapes and our place among them that will stick with me. She says it better than I would and I encourage you to take a moment and read her article. And then, give yourself full permission to turn off that computer and go for a hike, a bike, or just spend a quiet moment outside. As Ashley reminds us, we are just “a blip on the geologic timeline” of these places we love and so it sure seems that every second spent in them is pretty darn special.


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